Posted on February 24th, 2015

​Exercise + nutrition = results!

They say that "abs are made in the kitchen."  Today's transformation story featuring Danyelle confirms that this is true, and achievable!  Although she had been exercising for some time, it wasn't until she started making changes in what she was putting into her body that she started seeing major changes in how she looked and felt.  We are so proud of Danyelle and hope her determination motivates others to make permanent lifestyle changes! 
Tell us a little about yourself.
I am 41-years-old with two teenage sons, and a wonderful husband. I absolutely love working out at Bodyline Studio! Exercise has become a part of my life now, and when I am not working out I don’t feel complete.  It has changed my entire focus.
What motivated you to focus on your health through nutrition?
I began working out about seven years ago and never really saw big changes in my body until I started changing what I was eating.  I started reading books about health and I realized that this was something I needed to do for myself. When I started working out at Bodyline, they provided me with the nutritional guidance and support I needed, which helped me on my personal journey.

What goals did you set for yourself in order to make a change?
I started making gradual changes by cutting out sweets and bread, then I started removing other foods that I realized was affecting my health.  I noticed incredible changes when I removed certain types of food; my mood changed, my energy levels increased, I didn't feel bloated, and I noticed changes in how my body looked. I felt healthier overall, and that was motivation enough! 
​How has Bodyline Studio contributed to your success?
Bodyline has really pushed me to measures I thought weren’t possible! Not only do I get a wonderful workout each week for my body, but each time I walk into that facility I feel I am mentally nourished with so many positive men and women.
Did you have any setbacks along the way?
I think everyone has set backs especially around the holidays.  During these times I would treat myself, allowing myself at least half of my desired food but never over indulging in it. You have to make good choices on a daily basis, but if you occassionally eat the wrong things, just dust yourself off and start fresh again! 
How do you keep up with your healthy lifestyle?
“Lifestyle” is the key word! I focus more on making permanent lifestyle change then saying, “I am on a diet.” If I say I am on a diet, I eat everything in sight! I just focus on making healthier choices and not depriving myself of anything, but keeping things in moderation.
What are your favorite healthy foods and snacks?
I enjoy gluten free rice crackers, brown rice pasta, kale, and venison.
What is your favorite workout at Bodyline?
TRX is by far my favorite workout at Bodyline! 
What advice would you give someone who needs encouragement to get healthier?
My advice would be to stop focusing on just losing weight and start setting your sights on being healthy- not just for your family, a wedding or your next big event, but for YOURSELF.  I had to learn to love myself and I realized my health was important every day.  
What’s the most surprising thing you learned about yourself on this journey?
​I realize that we, as human beings, make things much harder than they need to be.  If you just set your mind on doing something, you CAN make it happen; you just have to believe in yourself and DO IT!  I learned that being healthy was something I needed to do not only for myself, but also to set an example for my children so that they can learn good eating habits.  I realized that I can do all things by the grace God.  This “healthier” way of living is my life now, and I love it!

To find out how Bodyline Studio can help you achieve a lifestyle of health and vitality, contact us today to schedule your free consultation! Visit or call 305-1064!

Posted on January 20th, 2015

Abby's story reminds us that exercise can help moms find balance, energy, and better mental health!

Having children can make it difficult to juggle career, home, and health.  Family and work take precedence, but many moms put their own needs on the backburner.  Lack of exercise and poor diet can affect your ability to perform well at work, keep up with daily responsibilities, and enjoy your family.
We know it is difficult to set aside time for yourself when you are meeting the needs of your family and the demands of your job.  We have so many busy moms at the studio who make it work, and we wanted to share one of their stories to help motivate other mommies out there!  

As a mom of two young boys, a wife, and a teacher, Abby's plate was very full and there was no time to include exercise.  She started to feel the negative effects of this on her body, mind, and spirit.  Read below to see how she was able to turn this around and how it changed her life…
Tell us about yourself.
I am 34-years-old, married for 11 years to my firefighter husband, and have two boys (ages five and one).  I have been a teacher for 11 years, and currently teach first grade at St. Peter's Episcopal School.  I have always been active, and played goalie for the Covenant College soccer team.  I enjoy being outside in the sunshine with my family and friends, and crafting when time allows.
How long have you been exercising at Bodyline?
Seven months. A friend who exercised there told me how great it was, and that they let you try your first class for free. I was hooked after that first time and been going ever since!

What was your biggest motivation to exercise?
 My two little boys are HIGH energy and always on the go! I can choose to be healthy and keep up with them, or I can choose to let my body and needs go, be out of breath, and not enjoy the life I was given.  I chose the first! 
I wanted something that would push me, yet encourage me, something that would inspire me to keep going and be fun! Even more importantly, I wanted to do it safely because I have had three knee surgeries from my soccer days. Thankfully, I found my trainer, Lissa Elkins, at Bodyline Studio!

​What results have you seen?
Lean muscle!  My body has never had lean muscle before, and I have never been "body confident” like I am now! More importantly, I have noticed positive changes in my energy and mood! 

How has Bodyline contributed to your success?
My past has caused me to think that my body would only build thicker, bulkier muscles if I worked out.  Boy, was I wrong!  Bodyline has taught me that lifting weights does not make you bigger; it helps your muscles become STRONGER and denser, which burns fat on top of the muscle to help you become lean and toned. It CAN be done!! I have learned what my body type needs and how to work out specifically for me. 

My favorite days are Tuesdays when I attend class.  Lissa motivates me and pushes me to be the best that I can be!

What is your favorite Bodyline workout?
Boxing, Tabata, and TRX to name a few!  Lissa always changes up the workouts so that I never get bored and we always get to try new things.
Time is so limited for me as a working mom, and my favorite workouts are the ones that get a lot done in the least amount of time! Lissa understands this. She uses my time effectively and plans full body workouts that get results quickly.

​What advice can you give other busy moms who need motivation and encouragement?
I am a better mom and wife because I set aside “me" time and workout. As a mom, you hear that often- but I speak from experience that it is TRUE!  I am happier, healthier, and feel like I can give more at home and school because I have more energy!

It can be done! Once you get your routine going, even if it's just one day a week, you will see changes. Make it a priority to include this time in your schedule!

A great idea is to find other friends who share your goals. We text each other, motivate each other, and hold each other accountable to make time and show up! 


by Lissa Murrah on July 29th, 2014

Check out Bodyline Studio's second "Tremendous Transformation Tuesday" featuring Kelli!

When we see a new mom whose body has bounced back after having a baby, we tend to hear, "Oh...she is just lucky."  Well, we can tell you that "luck" has very little to do with it!  You have to work hard to be healthy and get the postpartum body you want. It starts with a little thing called "self-care" and making healthy nutrition and exercise a priority! 

Bodyline Studio is an incredible facility for new moms needing accountability, encouragement, insight into practical healthy eating habits, and effective exercise classes or personal training for all levels that will produce results! 

Kelli's story is so inspiring and motivating; we couldn't wait to share it with you!  What a gift for her young son, as she instills in him at an early age the importance of an active and nutritious lifestyle.  She uses this as motivation to keep her going! And boy, has it paid off! Read her interview below to find out more...
Tell us a little about yourself.
I am 32 years old and originally from Chattanooga.  I'm a former elementary school teacher, but am currently staying at home with our 10 month old son. 

How long was it between your pregnancy picture and "now" picture?
A little over 10 months. I weighed 150 lbs when I delivered our son. I currently weigh 119 lbs.

What was your biggest inspiration and/or reason to make a change?
Dance and various team sports have been a focus in my life early on, but healthy eating and exercise has been a huge part of my life the last ten years.  After my father passed away from a massive stroke in 2009, exercise and health became an even bigger focus in my life. 
My husband has also been a great inspiration of health and wellness, and living a fit lifestyle.   

How did Bodyline Studio help?
Joanna has been an inspiration to me.  She has been such a great source of information and help when it comes to nutrition and movement form.  Her intense classes helped me maintain stamina throughout my pregnancy.  There were many days that I was too tired to go workout, but I went anyway because I knew how strong and great I would feel afterwards.

The classes at Bodyline help you build a strong physique, lose desired weight, and tone up.  Joanna modified exercises during my pregnancy so that I could still maintain a solid workout and feel strong. I continued to workout through my pregnancy up until about 6 weeks before I delivered my son. 

I started exercising again four weeks after my doctor cleared me for any physical activity. The nutritional advice and group classes at Bodyline have helped me drop the pregnancy weight, and made me feel stronger, and more toned than ever!

How do you feel now physically?
I continue to work hard in the studio and feel motivated everyday to get stronger and leaner!  Currently, I feel less stressed and stronger than ever before!

How did you keep yourself motivated?
I stay motivated by always remembering that maintaining good nutrition and and an exercise regimen is the end goal.  I also have a support system through others that work out at Bodyline- we motivate each other and hold each other accountable! 

Did you have any setbacks?
On days when I may not eat well or don't exercise, I try not to beat myself up. I let it go and move on to make better choices; dont sweat the small stuff! I keep in mind that my goal is to maintain a LONG term healthy lifestyle, and get back "on the wagon."

What are you doing to keep up your healthy lifestyle?
Bodyline Studio's spring cleanse helped me identify foods that my body reacts poorly to, and gave me the opportunity to try minimizing and/or eliminating these foods from my diet.  I try to eat clean, fresh foods that properly fuel my body.  I continue to run, attend classes at Bodyline Studio each week, and take walks with my son.  

What goals have you set for yourself?
I would love to run another half marathon in the near future.  I also want to maintain a clean eating regimen.  My core weakened after pregnancy, so I would like to continue building strength in that area.

What advice do you have for other new moms who need motivation and encouragement?
Maintaining a fitness routine and exercise program while I was pregnant was key for me.  I felt strong throughout my pregnancy, and on days when I didn't feel so pretty, I remembered that I was growing a life inside me and it was imperative to eat healthy and stay physically strong!

After my doctor cleared me for any physical activity, I started out walking with my baby and working out with Joanna at Bodyline again.  I then built back up to running short distances at first, but challenged my distance with each run.  I also signed up for another half marathon.  The race day was 6 months postpartum.  This race helped me focus and set running goals.  I also continued working out with Joanna while training for my race. 

The hardest part is getting back into the routine of exercise.  When I struggle with the idea of leaving my son for an hour while I work out, I keep telling myself that this "me" time is important for our entire family because it keeps me healthy and able to be the mom and wife I need to be.  On days when I don't go to the studio, I take my son with me for a run or walk.  I want him to grow up knowing that being active is important to maintain a healthy mind and body.  The hardest part is getting started again, but once you get back into the habit, it then becomes the norm!

by Lissa Murrah on June 24th, 2014

Check out Bodyline Studio's first "Tremendous Transformation" featuring Yolande Cullins!

Who is ready for a high dose of motivation!?!? You are going to love this tranformation story, and Bodyline Studio could not be more proud of Yolande! We are honored to share her positivity and wisdom. Despite obstacles, she has accomplished so much, and she truly exemplifies what perservance, hard work, and determination can do! If you have been wanting to get healthy and fit, but don't think you can do it, think again! And read on.....
Tell us a little about yourself.
I'm 48 years old. I have been married for 22 years. I am a stay at home mom with three children.

How long was it between your before and now pictures?
The before picture was taken in October of 2013. The recent picture was taken in May of 2014. I hovered around 285 until January of 2014. Since January, I have lost 40 pounds.

What was your biggest inspiration and/or reason to make a change?
I have been overweight for most of my life. I have gained and lost hundreds of pounds. My self worth was always tied up in what size I was at the time. I liked myself if I was thin, and not so much if I had gained weight. This all changed when my mother passed away. The moment that she died, I realized that the essence of what made her herself was gone. She was not the body that remained. Her death helped me to realize that I am NOT my body. It freed me to love myself whatever size I happened to be. This freedom has helped me to work on my body without becoming a prisoner to the scale. 

How did Bodyline Studio help?
The staff at Bodyline Studio is fantastic! These are the most challenging workouts I have ever done- which I have learned is the only way to get RESULTS and see CHANGE! The intimate atmosphere of small group training adds to camaraderie.  The knowledge that Joanna has about the mechanics of how the body works has helped me to workout smarter. The dietary coaching that comes with the fitness classes has been phenomenal. Bodyline studio has helped me figure out how to eat smart. I have learned that food is information- it either tells my body to hold on to fat, or to release it. 

How do you feel now physically?
More than anything, I feel strong! I sleep better. My mind is clearer.

How did you keep yourself motivated?
Small successes are very motivating. Being able to do one more rep of a difficult exercise or being able to hold a plank for a few more seconds than the last time- these keep me motivated! As far as weight goes, I set short term goals. My current goal is to get to 239lbs by the end of the month.

Did you have any setbacks?
I have setbacks all the time. I don't always eat as cleanly as I should. I try to remember that the journey is the reward and that each day is a  new opportunity. I track my food as a tool to help me.

What are you doing to keep up your healthy lifestyle?
In January at Bodyline Studio, we started a Spring Cleanse. With the cleanse, I have been able to see what foods I am sensitive to. I am continuing to eliminate foods from my diet that my body reacts poorly to. I am also continuing to workout at Bodyline and make attending small group classes a priority in my daily routine.

What goals have you set for yourself?
In the long run, I want to be out of the 200 pound club. More than that, I want to be able to do pull-ups. I also want to be able to do pikes on the TRX. 

What advice do you have for others who need motivation and encouragement to get healthier?
Challenge yourself! You are capable of more than you know! You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are NOT the number on the scale. Consistency is important- especially with workouts and healthy food. Pray. 

by Lissa Murrah on November 21st, 2013

Being one week away from Thanksgiving, the holiday season has officially arrived! Soon enough, we’ll be faced with holiday dinners for the office, ugly sweater parties, and grandma’s infamous calorie-packed pumpkin pie. For those of us trying to make healthy dietary decisions, the holidays can be a struggle, especially when we are sharing meals with those who don’t adhere to the same eating style as we do. So, how do we survive the holidays without sacrificing good times or our healthy lifestyle? The key is planning ahead. If we just “show up” we’re setting ourselves up for failure, and we’ll end up feeling more and more deprived. Below are some strategies we compiled to help you get through the holidays free of guilt and without packing on the pounds!
Strategy #1: Bring some healthy stuff! It is so important to know that you have some good options when you attend a holiday meal or party. To ensure this, make your own!
Strategy #2: This may sound crazy, but eat ahead (or after)! This works great for parties or catered events where it isn’t appropriate to bring something to contribute, or you know there won’t be any healthy food options. You can still participate in the event, but the eating isn’t the central activity. And, it’s quite okay to answer that you’re just not hungry if someone inquires why you’re not eating. Remember, you are at the event for the interaction with others, not just to satisfy your taste buds, so avoid the struggle by taking the edge off your hunger in advance.
Strategy #3: If you know you’re going to indulge, compensate with some exercise or healthy choices made previously that day. Knowing you’re going to have a big dinner, dessert, or extra cocktails should be motivation to eat light early in the day or hit the gym to “earn” those indulgences.
Strategy #4: In addition to just compensating for your eating choices with some extra exercise, commit to a fitness plan NOW before the holiday festivities begin. Once you’re in an established routine, battling the holidays won’t seem as tough. You’ll also feel infinitely more confident come January when you’re already into your fitness regimen, while the “new year’s resolution newbies” are just beginning their exercise routines with several added pounds to lose!
Utilizing any, or all, of these tips can help you avoid overindulging in sweets and "non-real" food items during the holiday season. Bodyline Studio has nutrition/wellness coaching, along with a variety of small group fitness and personal training options available to help you throughout the holiday season! Contact us today at OR call us at (423) 305-1064 to set up your FREE consultation!

-BLS Team

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